May 22, 2012

Mom & Daughter Monday.

I had a lovely time with my momma yesterday. We spent the day together out at a new shopping center called Tivoli Village. They built it to look like you're somewhere in Europe. Prettiest place ever! You really feel like you're in a different country!

Before we got our shop on, we went into a little place called Bottle's & Burgers. They serve burgers (obviously), salads, sandwiches and the yummiest southern fries ever! I ordered the Calamari Salad and it was delicious!

After lunch we headed out to see what shops they had to offer (which weren't a whole lot). My favorite store out there though was an accessory shop called Charming Charlie. I didn't get a picture of the place but it. was. amazingggg. You basically shop by color. Everything in the store is in color coded sections. So much fun. Any of you girls who love jewelry would LOVE it. And it's very affordable! After Tivoli Village, we realized we needed a bit more shopping therapy so we headed over to one of my favorite shopping malls called Town Square. They literally have EVERYTHING. H&M, Old Navy, Sephora, Victoria's Secret, Mac, Aldo, Bath & Body Works, Bebe, a movie theatre, tons of restaurants, need I go on? It's basically heaven. But while I was there with my mom I came across a new favorite shop! It's a little bath & body shop called Sweet Bubble. It's like a bath shop I've never seen before! They make the most adorable and yummy smelling things!

No, none of it is edible. Although it looks delicious! Everything in this cute little shop seriously is like smelling real sweets. I ended up getting a little pack of "Short Cakes". They're soaps but it comes in a set so you can try a bunch of different ones since they have like 25 different scents.

I just love the concept. Anything cute like this I just die for. After Sweet Bubble, we went over to Victoria's Secret. I ended up getting a new bathing suit and the pink top I'm wearing. As well as some comfy new shorts that were on sale!

And then to end our day, which was extremely hot (100 degrees) we stopped by a little hut called Lollicup where they sell yummy smoothies and drinks. We got a Tropical Breeze. Mmm.

So cute, they seal the top with plastic instead of with a lid! Saves plastic too! 

Also, today I am linking up over at Ashlyn's blog Let it Be Beautiful for the Instagram Blog Hop! Go join in and make new IG friends! Don't forget to link up while you're there!

Hope you're all having a fabulous Tuesday!

May 20, 2012

Chambray Season.

I'm late.late.late I know. And a terrible blogger. Just a quick post today! I wanted to post my Friday's (Sunday's..) Fancies before I jet off to work for the day! I'm linking up with AV over at Long Distance Loving for this week's theme; Chambray Season! My little collaboration only includes one little Chambray something but I just adore it! I'd love to have that dress as my own!

This is my type of Chambray. This outfit just screams SPRING! Although it's starting to feel a bit more like summer here.. We've been hitting triple digits! Yuckk.. 

How would you wear your Chambray?

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